Terms and Conditions

New customers will be asked to pay by pro-forma on their first 2 or 3 orders. Thereafter all invoices must be paid within 30 days of the invoice date.

Late payments will be liable to interest charges.

Bank charges related to bacs, other transfers or bounced cheques will be covered by the customer.

Shipping costs will be charged to the customer at cost.

VAT is added to all sales unless within EEC or non VAT paying countries where a valid tax number is supplied.

Exclusivity will be given for a maximum 7 mile radius, excluding city or town centres.

Cocowai will assist, where possible, with point of sale and promotional opportunities.
These will be discussed and arranged on an individual basis.

Delivery 4-6 weeks, unless stock available whereby next day delivery can be arranged.

All goods remain the property of Cocowai until they have been paid for in full.